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Legacies, Part I

July 21, 2012 by


I’ve always wanted to run a game where the players all begin as level 0 commoners, faced with a challenge of slightly heroic proportions.  Maybe they learn of an assassination plot against a member of the royal family, or find themselves defenseless as goblins come to attack their home village, something where normal people have to rise […]

Happy Feats

July 20, 2012 by


Feats are awesome.  It’s as simple as that.  They make players feel great, while also allowing them to build exactly the character that they want to play.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that feats allow for a higher degree of character customization than any other aspect of building a hero. […]

Encounters: The Chain Guardian

July 19, 2012 by


In the deepest part of the caverns lurks a giant metal door, bound tight in chains, although the heroes have no way of knowing whether they keep trespassers out or hold something inside.  As they approach the door, a figure drops from above, dangling from a thick chain.  “None approach the door” it intones in […]

Video Game Rules Apply

July 18, 2012 by


My players should know by now that the special enemies they face (bosses in the strictest video-game sense of the word) are immune to almost every form of crowd control.   This doesn’t seem to ever stop them from being surprised when I tell them that their daze/slow/stun/immobilize/dominate/prone doesn’t have any effect on the extreme […]

Gun-geons and Dragons

July 18, 2012 by


I was told once by a DM that I truly respect, that guns had no place in the fantasy setting that is Dungeons and Dragons.  Since then I have added not one, but three different types of firearms to his custom campaign setting, a crime for which I am certain to be punished.  Eventually. Of […]


July 13, 2012 by


The adventuring party, a group of friends and allies that travel, fight, and live together.   This cohesive unit only becomes stronger over time, becoming more of a family than anything else.  This is almost universally true, and while sometimes they may bicker like siblings, sometimes feelings may be genuinely hurt, you always know who […]

Phat Lewt

July 10, 2012 by


Dungeon Masters like giving out loot almost as much as players like getting it, and that’s a good thing because it keeps the whole game moving along.  Of course, in Wizard’s endless desire to balance every facet of the game, they have somehow managed to create a giant disaster that is 90% garbage and 10% […]