Telling Stories

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It was all because of a girl named Alex.

I was in 7th grade, susceptible to even the most basic of peer pressure, certainly no match for such weapons as feminine wiles, and she had just invited me to play Dungeons and Dragons. Completely unprepared I arrived at her friend’s house that Saturday, and thus began what may be the greatest addiction of my life.


I remember rolling for my stats, they were good enough to play a Ranger, no small feat back in the days of AD&D. I remember the way that Alex smiled as I helped her search a room for traps, the way she felt as she leaned against me, even that first moment of panic as I feared for the life of an imaginary character. She moved away a few months later, breaking my heart as only young love can.

But although the girl may be gone, the game remains.

Dungeons and Dragons has meant many things to me since then. It has been an artistic outlet, an escape in times of injury, illness, heartache, a way to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Occasionally it has even been a game, although far less often that one would expect. It has also taken many forms, inspired by favorite video games, movies, books, and the wildest spikes of imagination. And although the system may vary, the players may change, and the edition numbers may become higher, the heart of pen and paper roleplaying fails to change.

This is a blog about Dungeons and Dragons, a blog about friends and enemies real and fictional. It is about being inspired, about learning from mistakes, about finding an incredible moment when you least expect it. More than anything else, this is a blog about telling stories.

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