Encounters: Manafire Abomination

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Deep inside of an arcane facility run by a splinter cult of Vecna, the heroes discover mysterious Manawells, vents that seem to spray forth pure magical energy.  While standing in them makes an arcane spellcaster much more powerful, it eats away at them, pure magic never meant to be controlled by even the greatest of mages.  At the heart of the facility, in the main venting room lies a horrible creature born of raw magic itself, the Manafire Abomination.

Setting the Field: A big square room, as boring as possible other than the four mana wells positioned in a square in the center of the room.  The size of the room could be increased or decreased, but the fight described uses a 14×14 area.


The blue squares represent the room’s Manawells.  An arcane character who ends their turn in one of these Manawells recovers an encounter attack power and loses a healing surge.


The Manafire Abomination has two turns each round, which should be equally dispersed throughout the initiative order.  It should be immune to crowd control, or the mechanics of the fight become insignificant.

Turn A – Mana Beam

If the Abomination starts its turn between Manawells, it moves clockwise and stops on the next one.  It then chooses a target at random and fires a beam at that target 3 squares wide for medium damage on a successful hit against reflex (against all heroes in that beam).  You could also make this attack a blast if you don’t feel comfortable with beam attacks.  In this case, make the attack a blast 1 or 2 on the target.  This attack will keep heroes from clumping up too much, lest they be blown to pieces in one fell swoop.

Turn B – Manawell Eruption

If the Abomination starts its turn on a Manawell, it detonates that well, causing it and the wells clockwise and counterclockwise to erupt and deal medium damage to everything within 3 squares, no attack roll needed.  If your players have poor pattern recognition, you may want to make this an attack against reflex instead, or lower the damage.  The Abomination then moves clockwise towards the next manawell, stopping halfway between the two.

This attack effectively damages three quarters of the room, and is the primary motivator to keep the players moving.  After a round or two, they’ll have the pattern down, but will still find themselves having to make decisions about whether or not to remain in the blast area.


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