Encounters: Mad Bomber

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In a forgotten complex a gnomish madman toils, combining black powder and other strange reagents in his quest to create tools of destruction.  While he may like to make a bit of a spectacle however, he is in no mood for an audience, and reacts violently to the presence of the heroes.

Setting the Field: A square room, 15×15 squares with four large columns set in the middle to create what are effectively rows.  The columns can rise out of the ground at the Bomber’s command, and should be down when the heroes enter the room, rising when combat starts.

The red dots represent bomb placement sites.


The Bomber can be given as many turns per round as you like, although I would recommend two or three.  They should be evenly spaced out through the initiative order.

Turn A – Timed Explosive

On the first turn in a round, the Mad Bomber places an explosive on one of the bombing sites.  A full turn later (before he places the next bomb) it will detonate, dealing high damage to heroes within line of sight.  This can be autohit damage or an attack against reflex at the DM’s discretion.  The blast is effectively a cross shape (familiar to those who have played a Bomberman game), hitting all heroes that it shares a row or column with.

Turn B+ – Sticky Bombs

On all other turns in his initiative, the bomber instead shifts 6 squares to another bombing site.  He may pass through occupied squares during this movement.  He attempts to tag each enemy he passes with a sticky grenade, requiring a hit against their reflex.  At the end of his movement, he detonates the bombs for medium damage.


At 75%, 50%, and 25% health, the Mad Bomber lowers the columns and activates a huge bomb in the center of the room.  A turn later, this bomb explodes, dealing huge damage to all of the heroes, no hit roll needed.  In order to stop this, the heroes must destroy the bomb before it detonates.  The bomb should have enough health to survive a few good hits, but should be killable if the heroes don’t focus on the Bomber.  While the columns are down, the bomber should only be using his Sticks Bombs attack.

At 25% health, the bomber also shifts into phase two, combining his two attacks for maximum chaos.

Special Attack – Symphony of Destruction

The Mad Bomber shifts 6 squares to a bombing point, planting sticky bombs on heroes as normal.  He then plants a bomb on that point which will detonate a full turn later.

This phase means that as he nears his end, the Bomber will be laying two explosives down each round.  This is where things get the most complicated and hectic for the players.  I would recommend using dice to represent the bombs, so that you can use the numbers to tell which one was placed first, and what order they will detonate in.

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