Happy Feats

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Feats are awesome.  It’s as simple as that.  They make players feel great, while also allowing them to build exactly the character that they want to play.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that feats allow for a higher degree of character customization than any other aspect of building a hero.

So why do we punish our players by taxing their feat choices?

Let’s face it, every character needs the Weapon Focus and Weapon Expertise feats in order to remain competitive once hitting Paragon Tier.  While some classes and roles may initially feel that they can get by without that bonus to damage, losing the +2 to hit means losing a 10% bonus to their hit chance that no class can pass up.  Except for Lazy Warlords I guess.

What’s the solution here?  Without those feats our poor, defenseless players will no longer have the right numbers to beat up monsters with!

Level 1 Bonus Feat
Starting at level 1, heroes gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage per tier.

That’s it, that’s my secret.  I want to free up feat choices for my players.  Sometimes I’ll ask them to take a non-combat feat or a skill feat as a sort of roleplaying feat tax, but it’s still a decision that the player gets to make.

So why don’t I give players Improved Defenses for free as well?  It’s another tier scaling bonus that most characters will want.  Defenses though aren’t mandatory in the same way that attack bonuses are.  A player that wants a tough hero will just have to make the investment.


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