End of Hiatus

Posted on August 2, 2012 by


After a week-long hiatus, The Dungeon Remastered returns.  While the first two weeks of the blog may have featured an update every day or so in order to build up a substantial post log, this return sadly marks the end of my daily update cycle.

Instead, The Dungeon Remastered will be updating on a thrice-weekly schedule, but don’t lose hope!  This return also marks the introduction of other authors, people who I respect as both gamers and storytellers.  Their input means a new era for this blog, an opportunity to create a forum for gamers of all creeds to share their experiences.

This monday, my long-running game High Seas comes to an end with a ten hour finale, and that means that a lot of time and though are being directed towards that, an experience that I would like to share.  For the next four updates, starting tomorrow, I will be talking about the experience of designing a farewell, from combat to soundtrack and everything in between.

Thank you for reading, game on my friends.

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