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kylevatarKyle: I’m not a professional writer, nor am I the best Dungeon Master ever to grace the face of the planet, I’m just a guy who loves to play Dungeons and Dragons.  Here I’ll share with you tips and tricks that I’ve learned over my decades of playing, discoveries made by myself and other storytellers that I’ve had the pleasure of gaming with.

Inspired by games, moves, and any number of other sources, I’m always looking for ways to expand the capabilities of the systems that I play in, customizing them in ways that change our experience as gamers for the better.



Blogatars-1aAlex: Like Kyle, I too am an avid and long-time gamer who generally finds himself on the DM side of the screen. In our gaming group we have many DMs, but Kyle and I spend the majority of games in that position.

Whereas Kyle writes prolifically on matters of encounter building, inspired mechanics and sexy new game theories, I tend to write more about gaming issues in the abstract, such as drinking at the table, sexual relations in roleplaying games, and the roles of villains and gods.





Dungeon Remastered Contributors:

Blogatars-4Tyler: Unlike Kyle and Alex, Tyler writes from a perspective of the player, bringing his years of experience and valuable insight to the discussion. But this isn’t about character optimization and “how to kill the most”–check the OP boards on Wizards for that–this is about accessing the richest roleplaying for your experience.






Blogatars-2Chadwick: Chadwick is a long-time player, recently taking a seat on the other side of the screen. His posts, Dungeon Unmastered, bring a fresh perspective on the subject of DMing.

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  1. skarp-fay-din

    February 7, 2013

    ha. lurve it fellas!

  2. Create only what needs to be created for the caiapmgn.This is one of the earliest lessons I learned when starting to run my own games. The definition of what a need is differs from person to person; for me, it was a rough outline of what I expected the plot to be, and maybe a few notes on important characters. The rest was made up on the fly. My players were very creative and unpredictable, so any kind of dedicated planning went right out the window anyway! Instead of railroading them along MY plot line, I recognized what my job was as a DM: To represent the world and have the world react to the players, not have the players react to my world.Besides, if you give them enough rope, they’ll end up hanging themselves. ; >

  3. Great insights about new developments and ideas for development. Engaging writing. I”m a fan.


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