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The Barbarian Game Concept

February 7, 2013


When I first started playing D&D, I could not find a game that was in any way compelling. NPCs were flat, boring, and served only as punching bags for the characters, who in turn were little more than bags of ego with a class attached. Stories were rarely developed, and quickly abandoned. The only solution […]

Scum and Villainy

December 27, 2012


Sorry, but the Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition has to come later. I haven’t had much time to explore the new content in the game, and, to be honest, I forgot how tedious a lot of the quests in the first Baldur’s Gate were. I am honored this week to introduce the art-work of Sean P […]

Baldurs Gate Part I: Nostalgia

December 11, 2012


Wow, we have some interesting comments on the last few posts. It’s great to see new commentators, though not every comment has necessarily been about the post exactly. Or anything related to our blog. We’ll figure out where these bizarre comments are coming from, but a thank you for all of you new people posting […]

How to be Greener in Dungeons and Dragons

November 15, 2012


Yeah, I’m doing it. I’m being that guy. But in all honesty, environmentalism is a concern of mine. I may not be a perfect environmentalist, but I try and embrace it as best I can, and in everything I do. Still, RPGs are a hurdle for a struggling eco-friendly person. I can’t find much written […]

By the Gods!

October 30, 2012


The gods have always featured heavily in my games; Pelor, Avandra, Bane, Moradin, and the Raven Queen have all had primary roles in the story line of the games I run. Not even just as distant ideals either: many of the gods have shown up in person to interact with the characters. Hell, the party […]

How to Torture Your PCs in 6 Easy Steps

October 25, 2012


“Bad news for the character is always good news for the actor’ -Declan Donnellan, The Actor and the Target In the Miranda campaign, the group spent considerable time trying to track down the realm of Shom, wiped from the memories of all living things, and impossible to map. They had to raise considerable funds to […]

Growing as a DM

October 23, 2012


Oh jeez, that’s the longest hiatus we’ve gone on since we started collaborating on Dungeon Remastered. Kyle, I’m sure, blames Torchlight and Guild Wars and school starting up again. As I’m unemployed and not really playing much, I have no such excuses. Tumultuous life events however, I will cite without specifics. Poor Kyle. A few […]