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Character Building 101: Character Background and Where to Share

January 3, 2013


So you’ve finally built that perfect little character. You’ve added the numbers, you’ve found a name, and a style, and a rich personality with a quaint cockney accent, and finally you’re starting to feel like you’re finished. But it’s not enough, you want more, and I know where you can find some of that sweet […]

Character Building 101: The Don’ts

December 26, 2012


At last the least prolific of the Dungeon Remastered writers returns! Was our hero waylaid by Orcs only to eventually earn their respect and his freedom? Was he swallowed whole by a ravenous Remorhaz and forced to hack his way out of its monstrous bowels? Did he get a job with short term disability insurance […]

Character Building 101: Where Do I Start?

September 17, 2012


Hello everyone. My name is Tyler, and my good friends Kyle and Alex have graciously allowed me to share some insights on character creation and story aspects of roleplaying (because I pestered them into letting me do it). Since so much of The Dungeon Remastered focuses on (excellent) advice for DM’s, I thought a post […]