There are a lot of different elements that go into a good boss encounter.  It should make your players think, keep them on their toes, and reward them for paying attention.  These are just a few encounters that I’ve designed and tested on my own players with positive results.


Ghost Pirate Captain

A difficult battle on a ghost ship that forces the players to use teamwork if they want to overcome threats that don’t target their hit points, but instead promise a gruesome demise.

Manafire Abomination

A devastating monster that challenges the players to deal with a relatively simple pattern of attacks, reminiscent of an old school video game.  Parties unwilling to adapt will be torn apart.

Mad Bomber

A devious madman with a talent for explosives will keep your players moving as he scatters bombs around the battlefield.  The party will have to shift their focus to his masterpieces in order to survive.

The Great Lurker

As a giant monster attacks the party’s ship, they must adapt, using the ship weapons in order to protect themselves in this multi-stage boss fight.

Chain Guardian

The devastating chained harpoon of this monstrous construct allows it to swing across the battlefield, and as it enters a special stance in reaction to taking damage, it only becomes more dangerous

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